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  1. I use new version 7.1.5, and how to change in contacts letters from russian to english (right side on screen).
  2. Thx work great, is there any chance to make same partition sheme (total mem 7.26gb, free 5.56gb) on CN version 4.2.1? I try but only 2,7 gb is free memory. From my phone.
  3. Why this options show in additional setting on my phone (plak,xposed,....). Whrnn install rom this options doesnt exsist.
  4. i find that post, but all patch's is for specific version of miui. i dont know what that patch fix (battery drops or something else).??
  5. is there any patch to fix battery drops?? my battery drop from 27% to 10% in 10-15 min in standby?
  6. i download Miuipro 6.4.7 ROW and i have few problems. in build.prop show that curent versiom is 6.3.31 not 6.4.7 ( not big problem),bigger problem is battery draining (in 12 hour 50 % for few calls, messages.), and there is battery drops from 29% to 17%, 16% to 9% in 5 min, cant enter gallery from homescreen icon, only from camera can enter gallery, everything else works great.
  7. How to remove synit option from settings apk?? I remove syncit apk from phone, but syncit account option still remain in settings, so how to to remove it?? Any patch ( like patch to to remove safecenter) or somthing like that???
  8. Скини В.24 за киткат и инсталирај преко ТВРП и 3г ради без проблема поздрав
  9. I am tottaly confused with memory information in storage option in settings.Can someone make that vibeui 2.0 display correctly memory size and partition size for 8g version like in vibeui 1.5->s228?? In storage option in vibeui 2.0 in settings it shows that total memory is about 1.5 gb and free is about 4.5gb (how can 4,5gb be part of 1,5gb, where its show that total memory is 8gb??), internal storage 5,4gb. In s228 show that total memory is 8gb and free memory is near 5gb, internal storage 2,8gb. Btw, rom is great.
  10. probably u dont understand (thx for help) or i didnt ask correctly, i know how to set in settings, but i ask how to change partition size to be like on stock s22x. can u or someone else can post files to replace files in flash folder, thx fot help, because in storage option in show strange numbers, and partition size is not show in MB it is in bytes
  11. how to set default memory size like on s22x (vibe 1.5)??? i have 8gb version. pls help. поздрав из Србије.
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