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  1. OK, thanks! On your opinion, who is the best ROM for this phone, stock or modified? I search a fast ROM with a good battery life. Thanks again!
  2. I understand that, but isn't a method to change what I say? A patch or somethingh like that, or anything else ?
  3. Hi,is a great ROM, but I want to read the contact in latin alphabet, not chirilic, scuse me for that. Is possible to delete somethings in system, or aply an patch to delete the chirilic letters in Contacs? Thanks a lot!
  4. Very bad. ..because the ROM is super ok, less the battery life
  5. It is a very goog ROM, but the battery life is no so good. I readed of the first page about an existing patch for a better battery life, but I don't find this patch. Is here a kind person to help me? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I can't find the battery patch, for more time to battery. Is somewere a link for this patch? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have not an option in person menu, his name is "Automatic Reject Calss" Maybe because of ROM? I have the cybermaus Rom, based of ROW109. Anyway, exist somewere a fix for this?
  8. It is a very good ROM, but it has a drawback: the battery power quickly. I charged the phone last night and today morning I had 50%. I installed the same applications that consume normal battery with other ROM-s. What can I do in this case? Thanks.
  9. Yes, it working with stock ROM, but the widget don't work in this ROM. I installed
  10. In this case, I push "kill all" button, but nothing happened, free memory stay at 112.65MB, not increase at all.
  11. Hello, is a great ROm, but I have a small problem: when i push the ZD BOX widget (see below in the picture), is hapening nothing, the widget don't kill anything. Exist a possible fix cheat? And a second problem, the battery is quickly consumes, is a possible fix patch? Thanks!
  12. When I dialed a phone number, appears these kirilic character, and i don't want if it possible. There are in the screenshot, ears the numbers, with blue color. Thanks!
  13. Здравствуйте! Как символы кириллицы исчезают, когда Циферблат номер телефона.Поэтому я хочу, чтобы показать символы кириллицы. Спасибо и извините за опечатки (Google Translate) PS: More exactely, I don't want the Cyrillic characters in the dial menu.
  14. Thanks for answer, Javum. My mistake, I want to write P700i, not P700. I read somewere, in a mobile forum, that you buy this phone, p700i, and I thought you build a ROM for this. Thanks again!
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