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  1. Hello, Min_match in this ROM is China-based of value 11. Can you fix this to 7? I tried with recompiling framework.jar but this is beyond my skills. TOm.
  2. Hi, Just wanted to let You know that we have confirmed that Vietnam version of P780 supports 900 Mhz - yes, we have simcard that works only in 900 Mhz in Poland and it works. More info later. And yes, 900 Mhz UTMS works. More info from phone itself: Model number: Lenovo P780_ROW Baseband Version: P780.V17, 2013/05/21 04:13 Build number: P780_ROW_S110_130629
  3. Hi, Sorry to bother but i have P780 and using this translator i cannot understand antyhing. I have P780 which looks like China version, i upgraded to ROW but had problems with reception. Only method was to get back to S125 which works ok. Interesing part is that with ROW firmware i've seend 900 Mhz checked in Mobile Uncle, in S125 this option is greyed out. Could i ask for little help? What should i do to have ROW with working reception and what about 900Mhz? Greetings from Poland, Jak