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  1. hi i have yt2-1050 with android 4.4.2 and i want to update to android 5 , i cant update through setting/about tablet / update tablet i need firmware that can directly update to 5. pls help me
  2. i think it depends to country code, are u agree?
  3. ok , but i have yt3-850m too that has voice call but doesnt support ussd code , i think all of yt3 doesnt support
  4. hi steaven no, it hasnt
  5. hi i have a yt3-x50m. it dont support ussd code. when i test it i see this error"connection problem or invalid mmi code" pls help me
  6. hi some syte write about android 6 in A7000, some user said in this android touch work badly , back buttom work randomiy, is it correct ?