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  1. Of course root is gone. you can reroot easyly thou
  2. Version 1.2.8_121123_1555


    ideaDesktop with new features from the A800 firmware. Original signed apk.
  3. As an update and improvement for all firmwares of S720 : You can install the A800 ideaDesktop apk which is more usefull. Please go to files section and see what I am talking about. After this if you are satisfied with the new functionalities, and if you have rooted phone you canb uninstall the old launcher. Download link:
  4. Version A800_ROW_S108_130123


    Remove the lst .zip characters from each archive and recombine them with 7zip into the original archive. Rename this file to , copy it to internal sdcard of the phone, disconnect phone from pc and be sure that it is at least 60% charged, turn off phone, remove battery, reinsert battery, press power and after 2 sec press vol up + vol down and the update should start. If you do not get to update menu retry the keys combination. Let the process finnish and phone will restart by itself. Be sure that you previously have the latest official S107 firmware. I did mine with the gsm sim removed. Also read this post , , comment 30 and older.
  5. Вышла ОФИЦИАЛЬНАЯ прошивка с РУССКИМ языком!Номер сборки: А800_ROW_S108 языки: русский, английский, китайский, вьетнамский, индонезийскийклавиатура: мультиязычнаяСкачать: Тыц Размер: 359 036 942 байт Плюсы: русский язык, нет китайского софта, присутствуют Google-сервисы. Условия установки:Ставим ТОЛЬКО на 107! скачиваем архив. видим файл - берем чистую карту памяти fat32 и кидаем файл в корень, вставляем карту в тело .зажимаем питание на 2 сек, потом зажать и держать кнопки громкости обе и держать вместе с питанием.если все правильно -на экране появиться зеленый дройд и пойдет установка обновления! ставит долго мунут 5! с первого раза можете не попасть. если не получается пробуйте тоже самое с воткнутым шлангом! Что работает:ВСЕ! Что не работает: Мелкие огрехи перевода. Скриншоты: So I updated my mom's new A800 to S107_ROW from this forum via PC. When I do a check for updates from the phone it tells that the firmware is at latest version , but manualy checking from a pc in a browser using this link: Shows that 108 version is available. !!!! Weird. I will download the 108 OTA version, update the phone and also I will upload the vers here. Update: Done updating. Everithing ok. I copied the to internal SD card and press power for aprox 2 sec and than quickily vol up + vol down. Update installed and phone reboot. look at the screen shots before and after: Before: After: Happi updating. I will upload this in the files section. Download this from here : http://lenovo-forums...ow-s108-130123/
  6. также - как и до. через рекавери Это что новая прошивка, как прошивать? А все,прошился через recovery I think wee need help here. Стив: If I put the downloaded OTA firmware on sdcard as can I go to recovery menu (power + volume up/down) and select install/update from sdacard and select that zip? Will it work and update my firmware?
  7. New OTA firmware present for this phone: http://fus.lenovomm....0_ROW&locale=en <firmware> <num>1</num> <name>A800_ROW_S108_130123</name> <object_to_name>A800_ROW_S108_130123</object_to_name> <downloadurl> <![CDATA[ http://fusdl.lenovom...152e3446f919945]]> </downloadurl>
  8. Updated the phone few minutes ago. All is ok and functional.. Be sure to make a backup of all applications. Root is not present. I'll dig to see if I can root the phone again.
  9. Thank you for this. I'll flash it tonight. Hope it work well. Were did you get this firmware anyway?
  10. Нет. Ok... So is there a site where they publish the official non-OTA firmwares? because my phone already sees the S113_ROW OTA upgrade. Sorry for newbie questions
  11. you mean LiFe release? Another question: Is a good idea to buy a A800 ??
  12. Нет. Обновления OTA заблокировано. AHA. So Is there a method to update the firmware to the latest one ? S720_S113_ROW. Or how can I enable the ota update?