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  1. i can`t agree with that. i`ve used Aex about a week and i didn`t have this problem not even once. The proximity sensor in AEX lights when phone is locked but always work when you are making calls. I make about 30-50 calls a day and with LOS i have this problem atleast once at 5 calls. and i should restart the phone to fix till the next time.
  2. The proximity sensor does not work correct. Sometimes when i remove the phone from my ear the screen stays black and i can`t close. The phone should be restarted after this. Is it possible this issue to be fixed.
  3. If problem exist with other roms it is possible to be hardware problem. As I wrote in my previous post the problem of newer devices is only with normal boot in roms with 3.18.19 kernel (android 7) and if you boot successfully with a charger for example - Camera works in same way as it works on older devices. To know what's the problem go back to previous version of miui or flash stock rom via sp flash tool as a firmware upgrade - this will bring back your phone in a condition as It was when you bought it. Then check if camera works normal. The fact that you have newer device does not mean that your camera will not work with custom roms. As I told you I have newer device too and when I flash a rom camera works in same way as it works in older devices.
  4. I`m with newer device too. This is not the problem. Camera works, there is a problem with normal boot of newer devices ONLY with 3.18.19 kernel because they all use Los as a base. Darkolord fixed the problem in his roms Los and Aex. Try another rom and check if camera works there
  5. The link is broken. Please ensure working link
  6. Reflash the rom. Wipe everything except SD Card. Restart TWRP before installing. Camera works normal as in previous build.
  7. Strange . I took a couple of photos and a video. it work as it worked in previous builds. You have quality problems or cam don`t take pictures at all?
  8. You should ask multirom team for that. But translating is a lot of work
  9. Will this rom boots normal on newer devices?
  10. Yesterday I flashed AEX and it is awesome. The only thing that I found was that when lockscreen is enabled an proximity sensor from the left side of the phone speaker start blinking, a small red light. And it doesn't stop until I unlock the phone I don't have problem with proximity sensor blinking the only concern which I have is it possible this to damage the proximity sensor?