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  1. Thanks. I used miui theme editor and i changed icons in status bar but i can't insert battery percentage inside the battery icon
  2. Before 23/11 battery icon was like this one and i was able to add percentage inside the icon but i have deleted roms zip file so i can't go back to previous build
  3. Which battery icon do you use? Stock or miui? If it is possible please give me a link of the build before 23/11/2017 which has the original battery icon
  4. Camera is working fine at latest build. I prefer much more miui battery icon than stock
  5. Mihaylov i know better than you if and why i had this problem. Problem exists for me with older stock roms like 027 and also with all custom roms except miui 9. I don't have it with stock roms after 033 version and with previous miui multirom and miui pro. I restored miui from twrp and is working again. Probably there aren't only two versions of our phone. Please understand it before you answer the next time. Problem solved after replacing miui camera with the app from the previous build
  6. Of course clean flash didn't help because it has problem with newer devices. Rockmetall is it possible to make a patch for camera?
  7. I have a newer device and camera close every time just like the problem i have with other custom roms. But with previous builds camera was working fine
  8. With latest build camera isn't working for me. I didn't have this problem with previous one
  9. Do you have a newer device? I want to try this rom but if it has problems for newer devices it would be better to stay with miui
  10. I have installed Miravision but i can't find in settings. Can you help me? i found it under Xiaomi Tests
  11. Ι have enabled notification light for Viber but i it didn't work without lightflow. Maybe someone else that use also Viber can confirm it. Also swipe app do nothing for what i need (i don't say that it is a bug just a feature i need).
  12. You mean to swipe every time that i want to see the clock? That's not a solution. Also led notification isn't working for apps like Viber unless you use lightflow app or something similar.
  13. Is it possible to change the transparency of the status bar? There are some apps like pokemon that you can't see the signal or the clock
  14. Led notification isn't working for me and gallery crash. Everything else until now is working
  15. For me it is the only custom rom with a working camera and i had this problem with every custom rom because of new device. What changes have you done? You have done amazing job but to be honest i don't like miui because of they complicated menu and also they can't pass safety net with magisk