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  1. @steaven hi, need help as soon as possible. Can you provide me mixer_paths_mtp.xml file ?? From this AE ROM. I accidently deleted this file without backing up. Actually I was trying to make sound less loud by editing values. Can you provide the original (not edited) file? File name - mixer_paths_mtp.xml Location - Root / System / Etc I tried to dirty flash ROM again but it was not helpful. It was not resorting that file. Need help. Thank you in advance.
  2. I want to get back to stock ROM for Lenovo K6 Power any way to do it?
  3. Hello, can you tell me, I have Lenovo K6 Power (Indian Variant), can I install / flash this ROM? Also is it possible to flash this ROM using TWRP Recovery, by editing updater script. Thank you.
  4. Lenovo K6 Power S223 updated on 22 June
  5. TWRP-3.1.1-0-a6000.img https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72373835&postcount=140
  6. ^is this rom in development? I thought it was lineage os from now onwards? Добавлено 1 minute later: Use lineage os, cynogenmod is rebrand or renamed to lineage os. Google it. Lineage os 7.1.1 available for Vibe p1m. And in fast development mode..
  7. What about notification LED?? Are those working fine? Can we change it to other colours? Other than red and green?
  8. No. Not fixed yet. Добавлено 3 minutes later: Download complete firmware and flash from computer. All instructions download link provided in main post.
  9. Someone on XDA tried ResRemix ROM, it works fine for him.
  10. No VoLTE Added 11 minutes later: Deep sleep? Do not know .. But closing recent apps does not stop it from background. App still runs in background even after you removed from recent apps. Background app management is not working fine. Some apps starting again. Kingroot and greenify properly handles these background app. LED notification works properly. SD card permission works for some apps does not work for many. You need to edit "platform.xml" OTA update does not delete data unless mentioned. After OTA update my device apps data was fine.
  11. ^ Why me? Update working fine for me. I don't have to clean flash update.
  12. Sorry, but your English is not proper, understanding problem. How you updated this device? I found this new thread about update. I checked for update in setting. Then I instantly got new system update. Long story - My device was on old s027 firmware. I rooted device many times using Kingroot. Then decided to update firmware to s038. So formatted everything / factory reset device. Then started download of s038 on device from cloudmail. Next day, I was about to install / flash new firmware, I found this new thread. Then I searched for update in setting. I instantly got new update. Update download completed and device turned off and installed update itself. After that I have not installed any apps or added Google account. I want to factory reset device. Did you try to make factory reset? I did factory reset it before update. After update, not did factory reset. I am going to factory reset this in 2 days. Setting up device to normal use, takes time and I do not have that much. update took plenty time. More than 15 min. Charger connected to device and device was updating. Anything else?