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  1. The download link is broken, please update it and update.the rom too. Thank you
  2. All nougat rom has this issue All nougat roms has this issue
  3. New version has greenish pic in low light???
  4. Sound quality is good like stock and miui?
  5. wifi hotspot work only when data turned off, how to fix this issue??
  6. @darklord4822 good job dev, thanks you Try to fix bad sound and camera in darkness too
  7. You should flashing the new recovey twrp 3.1.1 and then flash the rom Добавлено 0 минут спустя:
  8. Thank you dev for this awsome rom, I found two bugs please fix it 1 the sound is bad and low 2 camera somtime cannot connect and very dark at night