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  1. Hi to all. I'm looking if someone have schematics about this phone - Lenovo A536. We need to check earpiece wiring. Sorry for non-russian write, but my Russian will cry you. Tnx in advance, DebeliaMark, BG
  2. In fact - this is NOT a Custom ROM - it's factory firmware readout from working phone, sold here in Bulgaria by domestic providers. It's earlier version ROW_S134_151030. Just in case if someone need it. Download link is on FileFactory. The topic is posted in Custom section due to i have no rights about Прошивки. WBR, DebeliaMark, BG
  3. May be, i can't download on normal speed from yandex, to compare what is inside. Just try to help peoples to repair damaged units - my one is dumped via Z3x JTAG
  4. Here you can find and my mite to this community full RAW dump via Z3x - also JTAG pinouts inside. This dump is very useful in case of damaged IMEI-s or network problems ( but you will have myIMEI-s in phone after reflash ) . WBR, DebeliaMark, BG