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  1. Is this true??? It is kernel 3.10.65??
  2. Sorry for English.. I have one doubt.. If i flash this rom on lenovo vibe p1m(android:5.1.1, kernel:3.10.65+) will it work???? Or should it brick the phone???
  3. @VVizard What all are the changes in the new firmware???
  4. Yes sir i wanted that RR....can you please port that rom.. Please..
  5. One bug i found, In sim 2 3g,4g not working only 2g is working. on lock screen they showing only one network name other one is not showing...
  6. What is the changes in version 5??? Only one small bug... That is when we connect the phone to pc internal storage not showing in pc....please fix this small bug....please please...thank you...
  7. I found one bug when i press the google account in the setting, it will show unfortunately,setting has stopped.. how to fix this...thank you..