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  1. Can anyone post clear picture charging connector pin of vibe p1m motherboard so that i can fix my charging connector on my vibe p1m motherboard.
  2. First of all i thank developer for making this rom for vibe p1m. Isvolte supports in this rom???
  3. in vibe p1m how to change country code to India-IN now my version is:P1ma40_USR_S040_1701061530MP3V2_16G_ROW_OM
  4. i can use p1mnoled.apk to put phone to sleepmode???
  5. i flashed S040 firmware successfully through pc...But cpu awake issue is still present how to fix this issue???
  6. for me 28 mb ota update showing update.zip is not correct Installation is aborted. picture is attached to previous reply check it.
  7. can anyone upload update.zip here?? S040 version
  8. i didn't rooted my device... when the s040 ota came i was on version s038 and i download s036 version firmware from this forum and flashed successfully...And today i got ota update to s040 i tried to update my device but it failed..
  9. i tried to install the new ota update which came today 21 feb but it failed 3 times... update.zip is not correct Installation aborted. guys please give me solution for this???
  10. Thank you!!! your cellular providers are currently in 4th generation right??
  11. lenovo a6600,6600 plus,a7700 has marshmallow and volte all these devices have same chipset mtk 6735p vibe p1m also have same chipset so it will be easy to port those roms for vibe p1m with VOLTE feature...it will be very useful for all vibe p1m users!!! waiting for ur reply!!!
  12. please anyone post charging jack picture i want to replace my charging connector pin.so if anyone has the sample pic of charging connector pin please post here..It is very urgent... Anyone post the clear image of circled area!!!
  13. where is charging ic (NCP 1854) present on the pcb?? can anyone highlight that ic!!!