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  1. AS far as i know there are some devices with SD430 SOC and they have some custom Roms which are good stable for daily use , i request to compile or Port Some Custom Roms for Lenovo K6 Power , i know you guys have the potential and also the device is quite capable of handling Tasks easily but it's just Vibe Ui that sucks . All the phone Needs is a customized Rom like Ressurection Remix or Lineage OS13 or any other . Thankyou .
  2. Thank's i'll ask some Devs to compile Roms . Hope someone has free time now
  3. Can this be used to compile Roms for Lenovo K6 Power ?
  4. hahaha , ok man , wasn't aware of that
  5. i don't have that much knowledge about that , just found some articles on internet (random) which says about carries that supports volte in russia ... apart from that , is there any chance of cm13 for vibe p1m ??
  6. i guess MTS has volte or is planning for volte in russia also some other carriers would also be having volte in your country ...
  7. steaven, Russia is using voice over lte , and he is asking for the same ... volte = voice over internet (lte)