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  1. I did not lock the bootloader back again ... I do not think it needs to do it, I did it all without Re-locking
  2. I reinstalled 222 with Qfil, then I updated it to 223, then I flash the boot file 223 from niki-72, then twrp, then I installed the supersu app and then with the titanium backup app restore my application .. update is already shown as good, the battery is better and the phone works quite snappier, I think that the picture quality is better to. Worth installing update!
  3. I think we need to get the update .. the battery is emptied much faster, the picture quality has become grainy and all in all, the phone is better worked under 6.0
  4. niki-72 I' just flash twrp and it works .. I downloaded the boot file 222 that you modified and flash it .. then I just started the batch file to flash twrp, allowed system modifications and then flash supersu 2.82!
  5. m.hashem I can confirme, I rooted to in this way
  6. I think the problem was that I did not have a boot file that you did. Tomorrow I'll flash it and then try to flash twrp .. And I'll confirm it TNX for boot file!
  7. reanimax, you've seen the picture bootloader.jpg whether that means it is unlocked bootloader?
  8. yes, but the moderator Dr.Betruger to my question, if I can use those files from the 6.0 answered yes .. at least that's what I understood
  9. after remaining stuck in fastboot mode, hold long power and phone boots to system (nougat 7.0) normally and everything works
  10. seems to have already unlocked bootloader, but the phone did not do factory reset, and goes into fastboot mode .. same thing with recovery, goes into fastboot mode and when you try to get into the TWRP Vol. + And Power the phone goes to lenovo recovery.