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  1. Sure. Just check the link to Google drive. Description in file name. Best you see them in something bigger like TV or PC. Anyways, just showing difference from RAW and JPEG. The night picture are both processed Raw, but the cleaner one is with camera API 2, while the noisier one is from camera API 1. Both were taken with FreeDCam camera app. It's a buggy app, so use stable version, but has lot's of features. Check their community for links. https://plus.google.com/communities/112880644833309033743 The pictures during morning I shot just to show the amount of resolve our phone can do. RAW is clearly more detailed than the JPEG equivalent. 100% crop shows the difference. P.S. :if you do enable camera API 2 for your phone, I suggest use Open Camera as it has proper support for Camera API 2. FreeDCam is for camera API 1, or basically phones with depreciated manual controls.
  2. I have enabled camera API 2; via build.prop. Thank God it worked out just fine. FreeDCam could take DNG (RAW) with camera API 1 but at high iso and I could not change it. Images only usable in very bright conditions. I rooted because I needed camera API 2 to take better photos. Success, but with API 2, view finder shows false colours, but image taken is ok. Stock camera crashes (never was good) but at least you can shoot RAW with proper ISO and shutter speed with better apps (See the sample that I took). Now that RAW is enabled, only thing left is shutter speed. Sadly I am not a developer and altering camera libs is not my cup of tea. A person tried changing the "libmmcamera_imx230.so" where controls are set for the camera but failed. I request developers who are interested in camera to check our camera to extend shutter speed to 10 seconds or more. Edit: Pictures attached are small. Did not anticipate. Please check them out herehttps://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxKHw7hScrvfWkNVTWZFWE5SWUk
  3. Experiment a big success. Everything works as expected. Only advice I would give is find a SD Card that has tight fitting in Sim tray (should not move at all when inside). Otherwise like me, SIM card was not 100% aligned. So a fall or shaking the device very much can make the SIM disconnect from the pins (happens to me on rare occasions; but SD never disconnects, only Sim. All-in-all, worth it. And sorry for the late reply.
  4. I performed a hack through which both SD card and 2nd SIM work. Just wanted to know since it makes the whole thing slightly thick, will it damage the SIM slot? Or should I be careful from now onwards cause the SIM slot is very thin and while inserting the tray, I have to force it in at the end.
  5. Can we make external HDD work through OTG? It seems power delivery is reduced, even though Lenovo claims this phone can charge other phones as well; even that does not happen.
  6. Could anyone tell me how to extract the system.img files of Vibe X3 rom? Tried many tools from XDA, but unable. Boot and recovery image able. System.img shows error or crashes. Please advise
  7. Thank you. If I already have the system.img [2.26 GB approx for Vibe x 3], how can I unpack and copy the files? Tried many applications like Image-extractor, ext4unpacker, ext2explorer. But no success.
  8. I agree. Bought it for having good multimedia capabilities. This post is old now actually, but wanted to share. Nothing you find in English Community. Very less users in India. However in this forum and in Chinese forum, Community is still alive. Camera is lacking so this are the only options to get better photos. If you want RAW capture, try FreeDCam. It does it with camera API 1, ie no root needed. Did not try enabling Camera API 2 though cause no root.
  9. In-depth Camera Apps Image Quality Comparison This post is from the following link (might need to join): https://plus.google.com/118419655769617439861/posts/dvQas8LxzxV The UPDATE : CM the Camera does not work in Marshmellow the Solution: the Downloaded the this modded the Camera CM http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/themes-apps/app-cos12-cameranextmod-t3086513 The NOT the ENABLE the VIDEO the DO the OPTIONS - the STABILIZER & the HDR 4K in the If you do the no camera the app works. Then you have to just restart the device . Only enable in 1080p option. Vibe X3 has a Sony IMX230 sensor, many companies sought out this for it's decent performance. After seeing many phones having this similar sony sensor that offer better quality, I can conclude that Lenovo is not good in it's imagery technology. The Lenovo camera is not the ideal choice for photographers or photo-enthusiasts, file size is small offering very little room for editing. Post-processing is also very poor and that is it's weakest point causing reduction is sharpness and in colour accuracy. The sensor on the other hand is very capable but we do not poses manual controls (only in lenovo camera app to some degree) because lenovo has not implemented camera API v2 (or till some awesome developer does manage enable it in our phone). Also all images I took for my analysis can be found here (typo error there as images taken with CM app were named as one plus) Apps also included: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxKHw7hScrvfZUwwdFRWd2lMWVU Apps: - 1. the Lenovo camera - For the users of casual. Very less room for editing. File size usually from 2.5 - 7 mb. Shutter speed is fast, so use this for people with shaky hands. After MM update, file size is bigger and daylight photos have less postprocessing, providing sharper and colourful images. Low light improved just a bit. Images come sharper if you use shutter speed higher than 1/400 seconds in pro mode. Mind the ISO levels though. Note: Some are complaining about camera app becoming slow and stutters when trying to view image. Fix is included in the Google drive folder . Install normally. If you want the old app back, uninstall this. 2. the Google camera (use OldEr versions) - For people Wanting a little better quality than the stock offerings. Image processing slightly better than stock. Does not go higher than ISO 1600 but can if you increase + ve. Little more room for editing. file size almost same as stock. This app is able to take a proper HDR photo (but crashes after taking picture). Produces brightest image possible (in HDR, with +2 ve). 3. Cynagenmod camera - the option of The: best for the photographers and the who people want the JPEG quality: best the images. CM camera does not do any post processing (in modded cm camera app you toggle noise reduction & zero shutter lag option, but keep them off if you want best picture quality) .With this we get sharpest and from the sensor and also get good breathing room for editing. You need steady hands as the shutter speed is quite slow (or use action scene for faster shutter speed). File sizes usually more than 6mb; provided you set quality to 95%. No use setting quality more than 95, waste of space as it's not RAW file. Recommended 85-90%. HDR is functional but produces two images, one HDR another non HDR, which maybe good for some but lots of practice required to get good HDR like Google camera. ISO option only till ISO 1600 (modded CM camera is 3200), but will go up in auto if you increase + ve. Heck you can go as high as ISO 25600 with Auto HJR (20-30mb) (simply no use). Modded CM app has more customization compared to the untouched CM app Metadata across apps are intact. Only oneplus camera images in the computer have weird thumbnails, but images are intact, only thumbnail is strange. Video performance is rather same throughout apps, but cm camera app offers super high 120fps, which is much better than normal slo-mo. Post MM update, no super high 120fps. No x265 encoding available as of yet (Redmi Note 3 offers x265 encoding in CM camera app). Other ported apps from other roms (like Moto Camera) bear same results like google camera. Hope this post helps for people who want the most from there smart phone's camera. And for other vibe devices, do try your luck as these tests were performed with the Vibe X3. Safe to say, if you have a Sony sensor, snapdragon processor and running Vibe UI Android (basically same stuff as Vibe X3), your good to go.
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