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  1. It has NO SENSE to change ro.secure to 0 and flash the boot.img back because ro.secure is only used to enable adb direct root. The real control on system integrity is called dm_verity. Anyway you can safely keep all stock and just flash twrp (read only mode) and then Supersu systemless (or Magisk that is systemless). easy, safe, clean.
  2. The phone bricked after flashing SuperSu from TWRP adn, OF COURSE, I flashed a boot.img whith ro.secure=0 but, I keep on instisting, the TWRP default.prop has ro.secure=1.
  3. I have two questions: - is there a CM14.1 working around here? - I'd like to know why in the default.prop file inside twrp.img you attached above there is ro.secure=1 instead of ro.secure=0 ??? I guess that's why I bricked after flashing Supersu from your TWRP (and having the right boot.img with ro.secure=0). thanks for the answers
  4. Sure... I DID IT, but i get "failed to switch to Emergency Download Mode" even if I clearly see Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOADER 9008 (COM3)
  5. Hi there. I bricked my K6. I tried to recover everything with QFIL from the stock recovery you shared on this site but I get an: "failed to switch to Emergency Download Mode" error and nothing more happens. (I previously installed all the drivers, "Qualcom" i correctly listed under COM devices)... what else can I try to recover it? thanks