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  1. Hi, I restored those informations months ago, meanwhile I formatted my PC so I don't have the programs I used anymore. However, if I remember well, I managed to restore IMEIs with Maui Meta, it should be an option in the same drop-down menu where "serial number" option is located.
  2. [1] I followed the tutorial and obtained a backup of the current ROM. It's a single file, so it is difficult to manipulate. [2] I found out that userdata informations are different in my phone, so I cahnged them in the scatter file. I don't know if this is important. [3] I tried but did not find anything relevant.
  3. I have a brand new Lenovo a2016a40. Could you tell me how to backup the ROM with SP Flash tool? I think I can use a scatter file from the previous firmwares because it does not change between firmware versions... or am I wrong? After ROM back up, how can I take boot.img from the ROM and modify it?
  4. Появится новое обновление для установки (S235). Я хотел бы знать, есть ли совместимый boot.img, прежде чем пытаться root и flash. Кроме того, как я могу сделать резервную копию текущего ПЗУ для ее установки в случае возникновения проблем? There's a new update to install (S235). I'd like to know if there's a compatible boot.img before trying to root and flash. Also, how can I make a backup of the current ROM in order to install it in case of problems?
  5. К сожалению, я не говорю на русском языке, так что я постараюсь помочь вам на английском языке. Unfortunately, I do not speak Russian so I'll try to help you in English. When I want to flash a new firmware with SP Flash Tool, I proceed as follows: I turn off the phone, without connecting it to the PC. I click the "Download" button of SP Flash Tool. I hold the "Volume down" button of the phone (it could be the "Volume up" button, i don't remember exactly). Note that the phone is still turned off. I connect the phone to PC with the USB cable, still holding the "Volume down" button. When I'm sure that SP Flash Tool has recognized the phone, I stop holding the volume button. I don't know if this is your problem, but I hope this could be useful to someone.
  6. Hi, I did not compile the firmware, I downloaded the firmware for my device (Lenovo A2016a40) in this thread (first post).
  7. I finally managed to restore the serial number using Maui Meta, thanks to a suggestion here in the forum. In practice, the barcode field (used in Maui Meta) have 63 or 64 digits/characters: the first 23 digits/characters refer to the product number, the other ones refer to the serial number. I had to fill all 63 digits/characters, using spaces at the end of product and serial numbers. I'll make an example (look at the quotes): Product number: "ABCDEFGHI" Serial number: "0123456789" Barcode string to use: "ABCDEFGHI 0123456789 " The product and serial numbers finally appeared in "settings -> about phone -> status" menu. The original suggestion is for Lenovo P70-A but it worked with my Lenovo A2016a40, so I think it could work with other models too. Here is the original suggestion:
  8. Ты велик, это предложение работало отлично, и теперь даже серийный номер правильно. Я могу только сказать "спасибо" еще раз. You are great, this suggestion worked perfectly and now even the serial number is correct. I can only say "thank you" again. I bought the phone a month ago and it is in warranty. I know that the serial number is not necessary for daily work, I was trying to recover the serial number just for completeness: I thought that it was better to restore it for possible requests of repair in future.
  9. Да, мне удалось восстановить IMEI, и телефон может выполнять / принимать вызовы и использовать соединение для передачи данных. Я хотел изменить серийный номер только для полноты картины. Yes, I managed to restore the IMEI and the phone can make/receive calls and use data connection. I wanted to change the serial number only for completeness.
  10. Так что, я должен ждать будущего, чтобы решить эту проблему. Интересно: можно ли модифицировать системные файлы для того, чтобы исправить серийный номер после прошивки микропрограммы? В этом случае единственное, что я должен сделать, это найти правильный файл и отредактировать его. So, I have to wait for the future to solve the problem. I wonder: is it possible to modify system files in order to correct the serial number after flashing the firmware? In this case, the only thing I have to do is find the correct file and edit it.
  11. I (fortunately) have the package of the phone, the serial number is there and under the back cover. The serial number format of the phone is different from the one provided by you: it is a casual string, with 6 characters and 2 digits. EDIT - The device hardware ID is usually fixed and also provided in "settings -> about phone -> status", in my case there's nothing there. I'm not referring to the Android Device ID (it can change).
  12. Я был в состоянии восстановить IMEIs телефона, используя Maui Meta и BPLGU файл. К сожалению, я не смог восстановить серийный номер с помощью SN Write Tool и BPLGU + APDB файлы, так как программа выдает сообщение об ошибке "Несовместимые базы данных". Это причина, почему я подозреваю, что проблема может быть связана с APDB файл, но я не совсем уверен. I was able to recover the IMEIs of the phone, using Maui Meta and BPLGU file. Unfortunately, I was not able to recover the serial number using SN Write Tool and BPLGU + APDB files, as the program displays an error message "Incompatible database". This is the reason why I suspect that the problem may be related to APDB file, but I'm not quite sure.
  13. I also thought so, but now I'm not sure the "0123456789ABCDEF" string is not only related to ADB because: In "settings -> about phone -> status" there's no SN field shown. Invoking the dialer sequence to show the SN, a popup appears containing the message "SN: nullnull". If I invoke "getprop ro.serialno" or "getprop ro.boot.serialno" in a terminal (on the phone), the returned value is "0123456789ABCDEF". I downloaded the famous "Device ID" app from the Play Store, and the "Hardware serial" field shows "0123456789ABCDEF". I know that the serial number is not useful in daily use of the device, but I'd prefer to restore the serial number too. For example, I wonder if it could be a problem for Lenovo support. PS - Currently, the only system property that holds the correct serial number is "gsm.serial".
  14. My device is a Lenovo A2016a40, also known as Lenovo B or Lenovo Vibe B.