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  1. yeah the flashlight is not really fixed... its dim..... i tried using apps... no luck
  2. The most stable one so far!!! great work Lenovo CRT Team!
  3. After flashing MIUI rom.... it replaced my original mobiles Lenovo bootup logo to watery shiny logo which pops up before boot animation... i only wish i could take screenshots at that point....How to get back the white bootup lenovo logo?please help.Thanks in advance
  4. flashlight and camera not working now...
  5. Its not the same darklord bug actually, in that darklord bug, atleast i was able to scan qr code of whatsapp web.... and now..... it just doesnt has gotten greener than ever
  6. Camera has become a bit unusable....... i dont know why.... even without flashlight things are getting green,rest everything is greaat
  7. yes reboot worked with aicp, i guess it works with this rom too !!! great work devs
  8. hey this is THE best rom ever!!!!!! thanks devs!!!! man i m loving this rom
  9. Could you update the rom please, several bugs have been fixed in aosp extended...Its only a request folks...still thanks for these many roms for this mobile
  10. Please port this to Newer Reserruction Remix,Rockmetall ...would you? What do you got in mind by the way? Добавлено 6 minutes later: The instructions are very clear,please read them above... 1. Update your TWRP by flashing image file given by Darklord (recovery_3.1.1 .img) via older twrp recovery. 2. Choose the Reboot to recovery option. 3. Once you are into twrp 3.1.1. Wipe everything except external sdcard. 4. Now, simply flash the new firmware, G-apps and reboot to system and wait until phone boots up 5. Enjoy Добавлено 12 minutes later: 1. Flashlight works only sometimes. 2. Camera produces greenish photos when flashlight is on. 3. Sometimes i cant connect to camera at all! When i try to turn on flashlight and click a pic, the Camera error occurs. Добавлено 18 minutes later: In the latest updated Rom and still this little problem persists and irritating Добавлено 24 minutes later: also Please fix the youtube zooming of videos
  11. as i keep saying if we have to live with these bugs, then so be it, might as well live in Reserruction remix or dirty unicorns... please atleast just consider it.. thanks
  12. OBSERVATIONS: 1.(Camera)Greenish photos when flashlight is on. 2.(Camera)Using of other camera apks like open camera, google camera will start an error "Camera is used by another application". 3.(Flashlight)Flashlight can be used only by using asus app.The notification drawer toggle doesn't work.(Not all the time) 4.(Sound)Weird and bad sound quality sound.(Solution: Goes away by changing the output to Mono sound) 5.(Xposed) Doesn't detect the Zip.(Xposed is still in beta gotta adjust,gotta live without gravity features). 6.(Substratum themeing)Works but not all themes can be installed. 7.(Icon Packs)-Load faster. 8.Battery life is awesome again!. 9.Chrome browser and some other app Scroll features are laggy.(Solution: install Android system webview.) 10.Youtube videos get auto scaled for a certain period of time and get normal again.--highly irritative . 11.Faster web searches and search results. 12.Installing apks takes more time. 13.Uninstalling happens instantly. 14.When the battery is below 15% you can see a countdown happening in the battery percentage. I think this fix is just a patch work and not a permanent solution though... but still this is the best rom there is for this mobile...
  13. VOLTE feature cannot be availed by installing some ROM
  14. Everythings finally up and working this is a major breakthrough thanks dev... Is substratum theming and xposed for nougat for this device work??