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  1. Cara aqui você tem que usar ou o inglês ou o idioma russo ok Добавлено 1 минуту спустя: Hey guys, anyone get the new update to S156, i see in the forum of lenovo vibe k6, they get the update on basic version (k33b36) any way to get this for us? Tnks
  2. I found how to enable the new camera API for Vibe K6 , but have a bug, when i change the build.prop, the stock app from camera do not work well. you can do if you wanna try. All the manual controls will be available in the most of apps, in record mode too Go to the build.prop and add this " " save and restart the phone. that's it, you can try to install "manual camera" on google play to test it. some apps works well. If you guys found anything new, plz tell me.
  3. Hey guys, so thats the problem, bootloop, were can i get the stock rom for k33b36, i cant find it in any were, can someone do a backup in twrp and post? (my version is from Brazil) plz. Or maybe the stock recovery.