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  1. Thanks for the help it does not happen of this I wait more than 15 minutes or more and it does not do anything to that it should be, the tablet is only queta fastboot. how long do we have to wait for it to detect the tale or is it something from a controller or from the pc? I deactivate all the antivirus and it does not advance .. It is activated debug mode, connect MTP mode and unlock OEM Thanks in advance there is no other method for the SD. kingoroot and kingroot do not work with this tablet
  2. Thanks for the input Excuse me how I install the twrp 3 in the new rom for tab Yoga 3, I already unlock the bootloader with the PC turned on all right And I'm sent to the fastboot Now that I turn off the PC or in fastboot mode I follow these steps Установка при помощи батника: Извлекаем папку TWRP из архива TWRP- или TWRP- в корень любого диска На телефоне включаем отладку по ADB (на ПК должны быть установлены драйвера для ADB) Подключаем телефон к ПК при помощи usb-шнура и запускаем Flash-TWRP_YT3-X50M.bat Ждем пока телефон загрузиться в TWRP Теперь можно отключать usb-шнур Установка окончена! or I have to turn off the tablet and turn it on normally by pressing the volume button. Please help
  3. greetings friends thanks the problem i have is that wanting to install a recovery twrp and does not enter the factory, if i give it in configure. reset or reset in recovery factory does not start (i have to tighten several times power + volume) so this is how it stands normally with root. download the stock rom yt3-850f_s000025_151016_row_qpst o / y the lenovo_yt3_850f_ota to install it with the sp flash tools but to understand i do not find the file android_scatter_emmc within the roms, but understanding the program mtk droid tool v2.2.9 there's the txt scatter file i do i pick it inside the roms folder or how i born it. i can help with this problem how to recover recovery or install any of these roms to yoga tab 3 of 8 " thank you for your help i hope the first answer only download the flashify plication and boot image recovery, doy permission root and after i find the img file and i select to open with this application and says it all completed. the problem is when i take it back, it turns ok but it does not hold normally or in recovery mode (only if i oprimo power and volume several times hold and it is worked and the power off and tighten the power button again to hold and work normally. what is this problem? and attempt to img twrp 3.0.2 and 2.8.6 and follow procedure and do not restart to reset equipment. i have the downloaded rom ota of the pag that you sent, compressed inside an sd, but i can not access the recovery. i tried with the flashify app and nothing thanks for your help
  4. @baikal0912 y @Steaven Thanks for your contributions Sorry friend what is the difference between the 2 roms YOGA Tablet 3 -YT3-850F_S000112_170317_ROW_QPST 1.0.0 VS YOGA Tablet 3 - Firmware 6.0 YT3-850F_S000109_161226_ROW_QPST Android 1.0.0 I see that both are for YT3-850F (YOGA tablet 3 8 ') pc, which is better or more stable for ram (1GB memory) You can later use rom android 7 on this tablet with little memory ram regards
  5. Thanks for your help, can you tell me how to activate the tablet to the vcom usb posts to be able to install the rom to yoga tab 3 Always puts a question mark or error (code 10) Thanks in advance greetings
  6. With your help I could already put root S.O. 6. Many thanks to all and has baikal0912 for all their contributions (comments-supports). regards Excellent forum for those of us who have this model and brand of tablet. Have when a developer creates an optimized and updated Rom for the yoga tab 3 of 8 'or with the 7 optimized andrid. thanks for everything
  7. Thanks for your support, unlock the bootloader, reboot and then turned on the tablet I give clip to twrp to the file bat restart yoga again but only stays in fastboot I press the volume button I enter enter the window of twrp but does nothing. I do not turn off the tablet and return to selsccionar the flash file and nothing, sorry that I do wrong. Note: If you detect the Lenovo Composite ADB Interface drivers and device, selecting the bat file gives you administrator permission and does what I previously mentioned.
  8. Thanks to all who support and collaborate in this forum, is a great help. I could already install the operatvo android system 6 but now I can not rootear it neither with the kingoroot nor with the kingroot pc. With the other S.O. Android 5 if you could. Can you help me please let me thank you
  9. Excuse this rum serves for the 850F even for the M, grace in advance greetings Also installs the same
  10. Thanks for your help and support baikal0912 greetings thank you
  11. Thanks for your help and support, I was able to install the rom. Can help me how to put the modified recovery to either cwr or twrp on this tablet I thank you in advance. greetings thank you
  12. Excuse me is that I can not enter recover mode normally by aver installed twrp, that's why I want to install it by the pc. As I force the tablet to enter into recover mode as it does not enter with power with volume
  13. Sorry my table is thanks for your help YOGA Tablet 3 8" (Qualcomm) YT3-850F, That is why download the roms I want to install through the pc or some other method through the SD, that I do not enter into recover mode is stuck.
  14. lenovo yoga tab 3 8" 850-f latino what is the procedure to follow please
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