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  1. No. It's for check. Use ####6030# for select country set.
  2. Cool. If you don't mind ask them NOT to make phab 3 pro or something. I'm not gonna buy anything from Lenovo.
  3. How do you know? Do you work in Lenovo Service Centre or something like that? And what about other malfunctions?
  4. No update to nougat is not great problem. But I would like to get FM radio and guest mode. It\s working on phab 2 plus but not on phab 2 pro. I don't like doors without handle. Eventually Lenovo should REPAIR their firmware for phab 2 pro.
  5. Thanks for your try but I'm afraid there is a problem with your file after unpack. It has 0 bytes.
  6. Exactly. I asked on XDA forum and on my home forum. Nobody knows. So I'm looking for alternative ways from similar phablet.
  7. Please let me explain. We have two different phablets so two different firmware. I don't have FM Radio apk and I don't have "users". Nowhere. I will show you what I have:
  8. Thank you very much for your answer. So if I could I have two requests: - share FM Radio apk (please check if any drivers are included or necessary) - how do you create guest account? (notice: I have phab 2 pro & official firmware and I don't see in settings where to create it).
  9. Hello Thanks for your great work. I have some questions: - do you have FM radio apk? Does it work? - do you have "guest mode"? thanks in advance
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