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  1. There is a latest build for lineage. otg fixed. 02.01.2018. LineageOS with full OMS support (Subtratum support) Dec 5 2017 security patch & for other doubts join telegram group: For other ROMs : Добавлено 2 minutes later: Green pics in low light & laggy video recording in 720p. & Come to telegram to know about current ROMs.
  2. ROM is very smooth & I like it. Still green in photos that are taken in dark.
  3. No, YouTube videos are working fine & the colors are perfect. Добавлено 2 minutes later: Then i can wait for next build with OTG enabled.
  4. there's no button remap features in the extensions path. Dev have to add this features back. these features are gone, in 4.6 Please implement this features back.
  5. I tried both latest builds of lineage & aospex. They are smooth. Video recording is very lagging, even I handle the recording smoothly. Color's are exposed as you can see in the attached video. (I think this is due the green error in camera) This type of bug is not in capturing photos. VID_20171121_000928.mp4
  6. yes this also happens to me. At first time I Used disco light app to gain brightness. But now that trick is not working. As by darksoul said, it is due to changing of firmwares often.
  7. he's right, lineage & aospex is enough for now.
  8. Camera is as same as before. (Green in dark) Video recording is very lagging & the colors are over exposed in the recorded video. As always I thank to the dev for his work.
  9. Camera green in dark places. can't able to take even screenshot, after this the screen goes totally black, hardware keys only work & gone to lock screen.
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