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  1. RAM management is very poor after I installed 43 apps. (screenshot included) But aosp ext is faster than lineage in many cases, before the app installation gone above 40.
  2. Wifi Disconnecting randomly. New bug. once in a 15 minutes.
  3. Google Tez's problem. i clean installed ROm with magisk
  4. Overall scrolling is laggy, in most of times. Scrolling through apps is faces some stucky experience. I think this is the reason why chrome and other browsers stuck on some websites in this ROM.
  5. Battery suddenly gets fall when it reaches 28 %. After that the Device losts for just 4 minutes.
  6. Oh yes, i will not use harsh languages anymore. Firefox focus is suitable for fast browsing. Other browsers are lagging in web browsing.
  7. Yeah video recording is very laggy. Saved videos are worst in look.
  8. Need of more optimization on web viewing. Most of the webpages are laggy in most of the browsers. For eg:- You can check this lag on scrolling through 1) xda developer's 2) Android police 3) Android authority in chrome browser.
  9. Multiple lines of overlays arises in my screen. It happened 2 times in 1 hour usage of aosp extended. After simply rebooting my phone & the device gets cured and it's gone. This bug also happens to me in lineage ROM when incoming calls in WhatsApp. I want to know whether it is my device's hardware problem or ROM's problem. ( I think it is a Display problem in ROM. LCD display - 320 dpi, this kind of things I don't know)
  10. I love Aosp extended. More tweaks and faster than lineage ROM. Provide updates first for Aosp extended. How to remove Magisk from the ROM??
  11. Dev can you provide Dynamic Notifications in this lineage 7.1.2. I had seen this feature on Xiaomi 3s prime - lineage ROM.  Добавлено 20 minutes later: Yes he's right. Gps detection is sometimes incorrect. Showing my location 0.5 km away from me.
  12. No i didn't check another time. Because I'm afraid of that situation and i returned to the stock ROM. If anything happens like this in the next lineage update i will report again. Thank you for your reply.