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  1. Dev, I also flashed ROM with stock gapps. Pictures is clear with flash off (Google Camera). Till the picture is dim in low light. But when flash on picture gets greenish. (Proximity sensor & live display works fine) Thank you for your work. Добавлено 2 minutes later: Also look at low audio bug. Take your own time. Thank you.
  2. Tried Today's ROM. Can't even take a single photo in built in camera app. Just shutter the pic but it doesn't save the photo.
  3. Yes problem in sleep. Battery is better while using. But no standby battery while sleep. & also until now i didn't try today's ROM. Now I'm going to download & flash. Добавлено 1 minute later: Thanks for your response.
  4. sir(Darklord), leave the proximity sensor bug, & take a look at camera fix & battery fix. proximity sensor bug is not much important as camera & battery fix (cause these are essential). I also thanking you for your work on video & WiFi distribution fix.
  5. No standby battery. 72% at 11pm - 46% at tomorrow morning 7am. Where the battery power gone, I thought nougat is better in battery optimization. I also found this on Lenovo K4 note. Is this a problem which arises on every mediatek ported lineage ROMs??
  6. Both USB tethering & WiFi hotspot is not connecting showing error.
  7. Thanks bro now it's working nice. With Google Assistant. Добавлено 4 minutes later: When I try to scan a document in camcard scanner app, the camera stucks immediately & at the same time flashlight get disabled. Then After a reboot Both camera & flashlight starts working. Hotspot not connecting showing error. Plz fix this.
  8. Google now & Google keeps stopping. I flashed Updated ROM with stock gapps that was updated yesterday.
  9. Can I flash the new update? Does video bug fixed?
  10. Is Nougat blocks adblockers? No ads are blocked in any app. I'm using ad-free app for ad blocking. Anybody give me a solution for this? Добавлено 4 minutes later: When i change sims & i reboot my phone, data is not connecting. After a second reboot, sim 1 gets data connection. Anybody help me whether it's a ROM problem or my device problem.
  11. When i scan a document in camcard scanner, the app stucks on focusing process. Attachment:
  12. Auto Rotation lag. Dev you wanna take a look at this. Screen record: Attached video ScreenRecord-2017-07-26-18-58-37.mp4
  13. Yeah I also feel that scrolling problem in Google chrome. (Especially in Google's new amp View of web pages) Добавлено 4 minutes later: Great sir u can do it !!
  14. I think screen auto-rotation is little laggy.