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  1. I cannot say because I never had these problems. Also with this kernel seems a bit slower/more laggy so If you dont have to use this kernel (like future Oreo builds or so...) dont use it with current ROMs.
  2. Succesfully flashed with TWRP 3.2.1, no issues so far, only seems a bit slower perhaps
  3. I havent been able to Flash yet (maybe we need to change something in TWRP?). output log: ... Detected ramdisk compression format: gzip Error: Unpacking ramdisk failed! Aborting... Failed to patch boot image! Process Updater ended with ERROR: 1 ... PS.: log might be a bit different - translated to ENG
  4. I will try it with the latest CM14.1 after I make a backup of my stuff.
  5. Thanks for your work, do you need someone for testing? Just curious, what is CPU-hotplug? Is it something like pulling a CPU out and putting it back again?
  6. Thanks for this tutorial, I will definitely try it. I have a Linux PC myself so I guess I can skip first two parts, right?
  7. Well, I have found bunch of different tutorials of how to compile roms, but I was hoping if someone who builds ROMs for this device, could share his method, that would just work, so I could compile LineageOS myself, and didnt have to ask for updates here.
  8. Can you please update this ROM again? Or you can tell me how to build it myself?
  9. Could you merge those two files together, please? It is generally not a problem to download and flash two files but, cant it be in one?
  10. Looks like links are dead, can you please update them and/or update the rom?
  11. Will it be updated also after January security patch? And at least monthly from now on?
  12. Can you please fix OTG and update this ROM? Also merry christmas!