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  1. okiiiie thnanks for your help.
  2. recently i discovered that when i move to different location my phone shows some signals, and i was able to make some calls but the internet is not working at that time. soon after travelling a distance again no signals. do you know this issue?
  3. but in that he uses fsg file, and i can't find fsg file in stock rom folder. i know this file is for baseband but this is not present in the stock rom. listen i got a idea, earlier i have mentioned about a twrp backup in that i found some files like mosdemst1, modemst2, and fsg also. in twrp backup, their are some option like to backup modem,system,efs,data,etc. so if you still have the vibe x3 can you send me a backup of modem and efs. just select modem and efs in that and start the backup.
  4. you mean to flash the stock rom then boot the phone enable usb debugging and then use fastboot erase modemst1 and modemst2 on adb(in pc). yes i tried it too but it also won't help
  5. here is the list of methods i have tried- flashing the stock rom flashing the qcn file using the qfil replace the stock NON-HLOS.bin file with chinese row. flashed the chinese row. changed the region code after every flash. factory reset my phone after every boot. remove the imei, then again change it to stock. tried the twrp backup, failed in between. change the settings in the mobile networks. root the phone and tried the network signal guru app for band locking and switching. these are the methods i have tried till this date, so any other methods to fix this issue please.
  6. i tried that too did a factory reset and flashing is done from pc only, any other method?
  7. i know how to restore a efs backup using qfil. Thanks for the help Добавлено 3 minutes later: i have a twrp backup, but that won't restore fully gave an error in between, and a friend from another community send me a qcn file. i restored that but that also won't work. yestarday i moved to the initial stock that came out of the box their was no signal when i started the phone, but when i went to a nearby store it shows some signal bars, and then after a while it went to null
  8. by stock firmare you mean s130(aka android 5.1.1) and this command will erase the modem, then there would be no imei, and other addresses
  9. i will tell you the whole story first. i have magisk installed in my phone, and at that time the current row version is s237, i tried to unistall the magisk, but something went wrong and phone got bricked. then i tried to flash the s217row using windows 7, the flashing was successfully using qfil but the phone won't boot up, it was always black screen and the port 9008 always active. Then i sent it to the service center, they flashed the stock rom and booted the phone, i inserted my sim, their was very less network bar, i tried to configure it, but no change. so i restarted the phone and after that the no signals shows. i tried everyting *#*#4636#*#* to change the network type but still no signal. i have a twrp backup of my phone so i rooted it and tried to restore it, but the restoration stopped in mid and phone got into bootloop, so this time i tried to flash the stock rom using windows 10 and it booted my phone but still the no signal issue was there. i checked the imei numbers, tried different sims, but no use. and i have checked the hardware using a network app, it is detecting signals but don't show any signal bars. i have tried different qcn file and restore my imei again but still no luck. Thats why i reach to you guys for help.
  10. everything is there, i checked it by dailing *#06# and also by checking it in about phone. baseband version is also there, still no signals
  11. my phone(x3a40) got bricked a little time ago, so i flashed the s217 row to restore it but it won't restore. i tried in windows 10 then the phone got booted but their are no signals. my imei number is okay, i checked it with the one on the box. i don't know what to do. so please if anyone help me in this.
  12. it didnt worked with lolipop, then i flashed mashmallow and it worked, thnx foe the recovery sir, one more request sir can you please provide a volte patch and a custom rom for vibe x3 or suggest me some guide to port qualcomm rom
  13. sir i flashed this recovery and recovery works but when i reboot my phone it got stuck in bootloop, i am on stock rom lollipop 5.1.1 and i have tried to fix it by flashing supersu zip file but nothing happens, can you please help me