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  1. problem solved thank you sound now working perfect
  2. @Reanimax i want to make some modification governor & wake-lock and as you said it's cm rom not AOSP lollipop / marshmallow / nougat we are stuck on 3.4.67 sure i will step up to 3.10 kernel after i make this sound work and make sure that is every thing working good Добавлено 12 minutes later: i prepared some logs if some can help here is the Demsg and here is the Kmsg and here is the logcat by Dalvik Debug Monitor # For audio kernel driver's speaker customization folder definition. CUSTOM_KERNEL_SOUND=amp_yad CUSTOM_KERNEL_SSW=ssw_single and here is the target speaker in the project Target project = phaeton_row the project on Github any one have the knowledge you are welcome to contribute in the project thank you.
  3. english fourms .... mmm ok i was hoping this stay in s860 pages more useful but it's ok i hope i get some help here
  4. Hello Lenovo Forums i don't see too much about the source code of our be loved device S860 i have here a working source but i have a small problem i think you might help on it the sound dosen't come from the loud speaker but it's working from the headphones only !! so if some one can help on this issue i am ready to give the hand to completely update our device i think we have a very good hardware but we need help with that source to accomplish it here is the link on Github to start work / help Again that source is working except for sound i did a heavy search and asking people to get to this point i would thank serg398 for the great help and for his time to help me Добавлено 2 minutes later: as you can see i am new here but i will be here most of the time