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  • День рождения 11.10.1998


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    Vibe P1Ma40
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    Aosp Extended V4.6
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  1. U used the patch provided with the rom??? Добавлено 1 minute later: Use Google Camera For Better Experiance
  2. Hi, As we know that the support of Kernel(3.18.19+) is no longer maintained by Darklord4822 For P1m.... just in case We want's Some android developers to work for P1m Kernel and Rom For Android Oreo 8.0.0..... anyone interested!!!!! msg in this post REGARDS: Lenovo CRT P1m Developments
  3. Sorry For That, I will change Links
  4. For rooting Lenovo P1m, Use Kingroot for root access
  5. ok got fixed but take time because of my papers are at 20,21 and 28 december
  6. Yes bro use externel app, I know how to open but after changes how to repack again i dont know
  7. If you use vendor patch no problem your cam fixed!!! cHeers
  8. Yes you have to flash patches immediately after installation of ROM