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  1. Yess from 71%-88 From 88-100 its going up fast So when battery now on 36% will fast drop until 20% in 3-4mins
  2. Pls soon add dolby atmos, because when i up to anew version yhe dolby will gone and wherever i flash this with new up, da icon visualiser is not there..
  3. can u soon do & add this improvements if u have time or when july patch come - Fingerprint unlocking, - PowerCharging like on stock, (Because charging is throttle to 1000ma down to 480ma when reach 69-73, unlike stock 1-79%) - system ui (to avoid FC after clean flash and restart) - Support other 3.1+ recovery to avoid recovery dissapear (not only used TWRP 3.1.1 by sevenmaxs) - Audio HAL - Camera (HAL3 used snapcam or improved quality like stock) Overall System performance is better Ur rom is best on powerconsumption. (best rom i used since ur first released) Camera is superb than other rom post in Xda (k4 note rom thread)
  4. How do u set dolby visualiser ad default to see in àpps icon
  5. set this - Add "ro.patcher.device=A7010a48" to end of your build.prop, save and reboot and after you can now used this RROS as your second or first rom to boot in Dualbootpatcher