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  1. Добавлено 1 minute later: 5.8.5 with colorengine from ParanoidAndroid
  2. This sudden drop also my problem, This major cant fix by zormax, only Lenovo based devs can fix this issue, but lenovo not releasing any new update. Alternative fix - Charged your phone from 1% - 90% (88%) - chance of sudden drop (30-20%, sometimes 28-20% or 24/23-20%) *In my own, when my battery drop from 37-20% from (1-100%) i charged it again from 20-37% to use 17% and got fully 100% until its die 1%. Pls Fixed this things zormax *Pls zormax update your powerhal to improved charging from 77% to 100% *And fix fast up of battery percentage, when battery is 88% after a minute battery now 100%
  3. Yess from 71%-88 From 88-100 its going up fast So when battery now on 36% will fast drop until 20% in 3-4mins
  4. Pls soon add dolby atmos, because when i up to anew version yhe dolby will gone and wherever i flash this with new up, da icon visualiser is not there..
  5. can u soon do & add this improvements if u have time or when july patch come - Fingerprint unlocking, - PowerCharging like on stock, (Because charging is throttle to 1000ma down to 480ma when reach 69-73, unlike stock 1-79%) - system ui (to avoid FC after clean flash and restart) - Support other 3.1+ recovery to avoid recovery dissapear (not only used TWRP 3.1.1 by sevenmaxs) - Audio HAL - Camera (HAL3 used snapcam or improved quality like stock) Overall System performance is better Ur rom is best on powerconsumption. (best rom i used since ur first released) Camera is superb than other rom post in Xda (k4 note rom thread)
  6. set this - Add "ro.patcher.device=A7010a48" to end of your build.prop, save and reboot and after you can now used this RROS as your second or first rom to boot in Dualbootpatcher