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  1. I share the thread of the solution of the hardbrick, and I have tried it and several in the group of moto z play Latin America in facebook
  2. Hello, I install the soak test NPN26.107 and I want to install the official test 7.1.1. Compilation NPN26.118-22 I do not intend to unlock the bootloader so I look for the Second OTA soak test
  3. To all the community of Moto z Play that were stuck in the June patch compilation NPN26.107 ... The statement is made to share or search for the soak test 2 NPN26.118-10 Its weight is approximated to 180 MB and it is the necessary patch to not make the downgrade to the version of April ... And to be able to have the July version Official of Android 7.1.1 Those who know more forums Deep please contribute, otherwise we have to open the bootloader and downgrade ..
  4. I hope not to be violating the rules and rules, I could say who makes or elaborates the files that come up, specifically the frimwares with blankflash files, tools and support, this with the purpose why I doubt that it is the mobile company. In advance many thanks and excellent page of support and help.
  5. PC, Only recognizes it so: Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM5)
  6. Moto Z Play Build blankflash since April or Superior? I really hope we can help. Thank you so much.