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  1. This Rom vs Lineage Latest by darklord?? Which is better?
  2. Just wanna update that, after deleting su binary flashed via twrp and installing Magisk, surprisingly even though Magisk Manager showed SafetyNet test failed I was able to run Pokèmon Go on my phone meaning that the app could not detect that my device was rooted.
  3. Can someone with a clean install of Latest Lineage OS verify if it passes SafetyNet test? I think that darklord's kernel does not pass the SafetyNet Test thus disabling us from using certain apps like Google Tez, Android Pay, Pokemon GO.
  4. Anybody having this bug, Video recording is laggy. The sound Gets recorded fine but the video does not.
  5. Thanks Добавлено 1 minute later: So, what are the bugs currently present in the updated ROM
  6. Found a very strange bug.... When someone calls me and i have talked to them and the call is over, the phone does not detect that the call is over and I have to press the power button three times. It does not automatically show the screen... Добавлено 14 minutes later: I am using the ROM which darklord had posted on 24 th
  7. LiveDisplay not working Добавлено 23 minutes later: Ambient Display also not working for me...