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  1. Bro GPS is not showing accurate location.....it is randomly changing position around 1km-2km
  2. Darklord please look into GPS issue in this ROM.....Gps is not working as expected......in 7.1.2 lineage is it is working perfectly
  3. It doesn't suitable for ur kernel....Let's hope dark lord will solve that pro
  4. Playing Video With In Video Stucked Window
  5. Yes bro,you need to do wipe sys,dalvik,cache and then flash updated firmware,open gapps and su Добавлено 2 minutes later: Flashlight Working Fine Bugs: Greenish Photos While Captured in lowlight with flash. Youtube Bug.
  6. Use TWRP 3.1.1 recovery Добавлено 1 minute later: Flashlight is working fine.....
  7. Please fix greenish pics while capturing in lowlight using flashlight....Automatic brightness is also not working....sound quality is low compared with previous build sir
  8. Please Solve Camera(Greenish) and Flashlight Issues.
  9. No bro....with the use of jiovoice app only we can make calls
  10. Sir, Flash Light Is Not Working.Camera Clarity Is Awesome In Sun Light but "In low light along with FLASH ON it captures GREEN PHOTO(Greenish).Camera App Also Randomly Crashing..Remaining Functionalities Works Fine.I Hope these errors will be fixed soon.