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  1. I confirm those problems too. I hope that the developer correct that
  2. 1- I would report that there is a big late on detecting the wifi network and some when traying to connnect to the network. ( problem started from the previous update) 2- I would to ask if the greenish in the camera when using flashlight can be resolved or not.
  3. I confirm that the battery drain quickly with the last ROM update
  4. Witch version of google camera worked for you? I tested the version And it would work. It crash very time that I open it.
  5. I would to thank @darklord4822 for his work. I tested also the 16/08 ROM and the situation of the camera is the same. The photos are saved as usual but the greenish color not solved. For @shunmugam may be you have an other problem. The proximity sensor work good for me when calling.
  6. thank you Aymen I didn't pay attention to this option
  7. I would to ask if there is the possibility to choose the operator when sending an SMS. Or how can we add it ( not from the paramer if course because I know it)
  8. you should create an account in Yandex.Disk
  9. Thank you very much for your nice work. ans special thank for French and Arabic. We are waiting for testing
  10. We still waiting for new update without bugs from "darklord4822".
  11. What is the best app that I can use with the camera because the photos are so bad with the built in app
  12. La lumière flash appareil photo est en mode « Auto » et coupé juste un moment où la prise de photos. Lors de la modification du mode de lumière flash pour « ON » les accidents de la caméra. I hope that the camera operation will have some optimizations