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  1. the project is dead? is the best rom to mtk devices, I just put on 4 devices until now, all works fine.
  2. My xt1773 woks flawesly; only bug is the scrolling screen, same of stock rom. RR from Zormax fix this bug, but I still choose use your Lineage. Have any chance to include portuguese lang on next release??? Thanks for your job!
  3. Great job on this rom! I miss only the portuguese language... Works fine on my Xt1773 Brazil. I can"t wait for new releases! Thank you, man.
  4. somebody tries this? here I can't install on my xt1773. error when flash by twrp. "for the Motorola Moto E 4th Gen(XT1768)" xt1768 is moto e4 qualcomm. RR 5.8.5 1.3 works fine.
  5. Zormax Version 1.2 works fine on xt1773, no more simcard issues, flawless.
  6. on other devices, other customs, same simcard. I,m back to stock, but i will follow your work, great job, thank you!
  7. No way, never have this problem, in other devices, other roms, same simcard.
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