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  1. About Us: ColtOS Project is presented by a team of learners and it is crafted from lineage Source with optimal but all the necessary customisations. We have cherry-picked the features from many other roms/projects and we are very thankful to them!! The OS is still in beta phase and growing like a vine. So, although there are no remarkable bugs experienced, if you find any, please let us know with a logcat. SCREENSHOTS: Flashing Instructions: **If you fail to follow these instructions, please don't bother reporting any bugs** **If you use Xposed, please don't bother reporting any bugs** **If you use another kernel, please don't bother reporting any bugs** Feature List Credit and Thanks: Special Thanks To:- @darklord4822 , @zormax Download Links: ROM: GAPPS: Other Links: ROM Source - G+ community - Facebook page - Device Source:
  2. AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!! Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features. If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This rom isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!! Features Credit DOWNLOAD & SOURCES Latest Stable Release Version 12.1 Download link: AICP [ 20171019 ] Device Tree & Kernel: Source Code:
  3. i don't get it clear. anyway, don't worry. Thanks