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  1. Living in the ass of the planet Earth, Bosnia and Herzegovina, google it... word authorized is pure imagination... Never mind, viva la SIM1.
  2. I was wondering if there are any other posibilities, some software or hardware lock... Guess I might stick to one SIM only Thank you for quick responses and troubleshooting!
  3. Hmm, i cannot bet with that because i'm the second owner of this phone, but what i can see everything is perfectly ok with slots.
  4. I've just tried factory reset with both sim cards in phone - nothing... I don't know because I've just recently took another sim card, planned to use it for only data(net flat contract on my BH Telecom provider). Build number: NPSS26.118-19-18 Baseband version: M8953P_23.33.07.34R ALBUS_EMEADSDS_CUST Software Channel: reteu This is very frustrating...
  5. Thank You, I will try again - factory reset while sim cards are in... Hope I get luck with that!
  6. Hi there, I've tried swapping - nothing. My sim cards are new and clean, sim1 slot detects both of them, but sim2 slot nothing... weird
  7. Hi there, I have Moto Z2 Play model XT1710-09 global EU version, unlocked. Regular box with two IMEI numbers, in Hardware information dual sim's checked with 'true' but SIM2 slot doesn't detect sim card... Any ideas, suggestions, would be grateful...
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