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  1. would you like to edit the file that controls the audio volume located in / nvdata / media / audio_ver1_vol_custom without the need for engineer mode?
  2. is it possible for a magisk module to make these changes without having to modify the ROM source code? It would be a great help module for all custom ROMs in all variations Woods, Nicklaus) with SoC MTK including the Lenovo A7010 which is very similar.
  3. I understand, but as I said the rom was port and not developed and also other users do not feel the need to have the engineer mode installed but I rather it is very useful mainly to recover nvram and increase the media volume. In fact any modification would be exclusively for me, but that's fine. I'll keep trying on my own thanks for listening!
  4. Yes yes thanks for developing in my opinion the best custom rom for xt1771, I used it for three months recently dev hector aiala port rom XennonHD but unfortunately does not contain the engineer mode nor the ygps, could you help us? Rom's link
  5. Hi zormax! Please, how to install engineer mode on custom ROM?