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  1. For all upcoming and latest model of Samsung, Lenovo, Redme, IPhone and all other mobiles updates, click this link : http://www.mobile-phone.pk/upcoming-mobiles/
  2. I want to buy new phone so I have 2 mobiles to decide one to buy , First one is moto g6 plus and 2nd one is Moto X force , suggest me guy which is better one in running and battery timing and overall
  3. I have not used this phone but I was deciding to get this as my next phone, Is this my right decision
  4. This would appears as great thing , very smart and useful gedget
  5. This is amazing, I like lenono because of their smart and attractive models of devices but because of poor quality its just bogus
  6. its a great revolution in the mobile industry , The concept of wireless charging was very common many years ago but in reality its a great thing that even we dont need to connect our device for charging, its really big achievement for humans.
  7. lenovo is spending too much on their products but unfortunately they are not very much popular as Apple and Samsung
  8. we never got the original parts along with the mobiles. These part are just dream to us.
  9. a little later, the device is needed, I'm talking. Like this
  10. Get its software install again ,
  11. well it happens sometimes, Connect your Laptop with any other PC's LCD screen and then tern you laptop on, If it gives display on your outside screen then it means that your laptop's screen having problem in its strip that happens sometimes, You can change your laptop screen to avoid this pr
  12. Wish you best of luck and congrats to all the winners.
  13. this Warranty can be helpful some time. and must try to understand it well