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The variants of solitaire


Solitaire, also known as patience or success, is an extremely popular card game. It is played by millions of enthusiastic gamers across the world. Free Spider Solitaire Online is not just a game with one variation but a complete collection of several different games. Among these variants, we will distinguish 5 large groups of success games which are considered classics.


The Klondike


The Klondike is definitely the classic among all solo sailors. It is arguably the best-known patience game in the world, mainly because of its presence on operating systems as popular as Windows. Indeed, it has been provided from Windows 3.0 to Windows 7. Initially it was a matter of getting users used to the transition between MS DOS and Windows, but above all to the use of the mouse. The Klondike is based on a 52-card deck without the jokers which is shuffled and then placed in a column as in the image to the right. The player's objective is then to rearrange the cards on the top piles from ace to king respecting the suits. It is also possible to move the turned over cards onto other turned up cards in descending order and alternating colors.




Moving the turned over cards allows you to turn over others in order to have additional playing possibilities but also to clear the columns. The empty columns allow you to deposit a king and only a king, which will be covered by other cards, always in descending order and alternating colors. By respecting this rule, it is also possible to move a column of cards. When you are stuck, the draw pile allows you to get playing cards. While the Klondike may seem easy, winning isn't always easy. A game may then end with no further opportunity to play. Playing the Klondike therefore requires trial and error and luck. This is why the Klondike is so interesting. Winning a game brings great satisfaction and gives you a sense of achievement.


The Freecell


The origin of the Freecell puzzle depends on the variant considered. If we take into consideration the Freecell or the cards must be stacked with alternating colors, this is a version created by Paul Alfille on PLATO computers in 1978. If we take into account the variants or the cards can be stacked without color alternation, so it is the Baker variant described in Scientific American magazine of June 1968 which can be considered the original version of Freecell. There are several differences between Freecell and the Klondike as shown in the image on the left. First, all the cards are turned over and arranged in 8 columns of equal length.


Then there is no more draw pile but instead 4 free spaces which will allow the cards to be moved. These 4 locations will allow you to perform card permutations until you can discover the aces then the 2 etc. The cards will then have to be reorganized on the 4 other locations starting from the ace to the king. Freecell is a very addicting success game. This is a game that will require skill and will give you fun to master. Many games of Freecell can be resolved by playing correctly. However, it is quite rare that a part is insoluble. Many people therefore consider Freecell to be the most interesting of loners, even compared to the Klondike where luck plays a certain role.


The Spider Solitaire


The best known version of the free spider solitaire is the one that was introduced in the Microsoft Plus pack for Windows 98. This variant was then supplied with the following versions of Windows up to Windows 7. The solitary spider is characterized by its 10 columns of cards presenting at the base of each of them, an inverted card. The object of the game is to move the cards to create columns of the same suit from king to ace. Once such a sequel is made, it is removed from the playing area, freeing up available space.

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