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  1. I have this. I think you cannot sign-in on miui account on this one, to do that you might need to edit the build.prop and change the device back to S1 MIUI 8.3 (Epic Rom) I'm not the developer and seems he deleted the rom from his cloud
  2. AOSP Extended is an AOSP based ROM which provides stock UI/UX with various customisations features along with the Substratum theme engine. The project has been made by cherry-picking various commits from various other projects. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box. We will constantly try to add more features and make it even better in future updates. A ROM by a user, for a user. #StayAOSP #ExtendYourDevice Download: Instructions: Backup each and every partition from TWRP Recovery Make a full wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik) Flash AEX Package Install GAPPS package Wipe cache! And at last Reboot! Bugs: IR Big Cores Headphones Doze Video Recording maybe more.. Screenshots :
  3. Hey I built Resurrection Remix for X3 but Camera and Mic aren't working, so is there anyone who can help me out? Here's the link for download Download : RR-5.8.5-X3
  4. I don't know No, it was the final release product. I've two and flashed the same ROM on other and it's working fine dunno why this one died, my guess is bootloader got corrupted while flashing that's why its stuck at QDLoader 9008
  5. It's an DVT phone, it was running unofficial aokp 7.1.1, I flashed this rom for the volte patch and process ended successfully so I disconnected and tried to turn on the phone by holding power button for around 2 minutes but it didn't boot up, so I tried flashing it again and got that error. After that its stuck at QDloader 9008, even tried pulling out battery for a while (about an hour) but still stuck there, I cannot enter fastboot or recovery.
  6. yes it gives same error on every ROM I try to flash. Phone is in QDLoader 9008, no fastboot or recovery
  7. I'm using latest QPST even tried with old version and different ROMs, drivers are working fine but still I uninstalled and installed it again. Problem is phone is stuck at QDloader 9008
  8. dead K5 plus after flashing the ROM, it flashed successfully but didn't started so I tried to flash it again and got this error. I was running Lineage 14.1's early build on it before I flashed S105
  9. I'm getting this error while flashing
  10. Don't mind me but where's the download link of this ROM? I missed too many updates this time I'm on S216_151224 haha
  11. Got it working, currently flashed TWRP on it
  12. I did that but nothing happened, it's almost dead and shows as QDLoader 9008 whenever I connect it to PC
  13. Yeah I've two test devices, one of them is stuck in QDloader 9008 for some reason
  14. S048 ?? wow I'm still running S028_160907 by the way, its fastboot pack or QFIL?
  15. Qfil is giving me unable to download flash programmer using sahara protocol any way to fix it? I flashed cm14.1 for the time being so I'm not in a hurry
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